It's all about these two words....


What We Do:
The Center for Search & Investigations (CFSI) assists & trains families and communities in facilitating the search and location of missing children worldwide in order to safeguard children from abduction, child trafficking & exploitation.  The Center for Search & Investigations is an approved 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization. CFSI has a STRICT NO-CONTACT policy concerning children. All current and future members of CFSI Leadership are subject to a criminal background check.

Why We Do It:
The United States Department of Justice reports over 2,100 children go missing a day equaling approximately 800,000 reported missing every year.  Many missing children are in danger of child trafficking. The truth is no missing child should be labeled as a "runaway", as they are in as much danger as those abducted.  CFSI refuses to ignore these facts. They dedicate their services to help find missing and endangered children. When families have felt abandoned and hopeless CFSI has been there to extend their resources. CFSI treats every missing child case with the utmost importance and is committed to getting the cooperation of Law Enforcement while demanding local as well as national media attention. CFSI is devoted to locating & returning children home SAFE in a fast, efficient, and caring manner. CFSI's services are always offered free of charge to the parents of missing children whom meet the non-profit's criteria.

Our Goal:
With 3,000 + volunteers, our ultimate goal is to continue to build a Worldwide network of Advocates & Professional Investigators to provide services to families of missing children.  We are confident that in accomplishing this goal we will be able to put an end to the child trafficking epidemic. For CFSI it’s all about hearing these 2 words… FOUND SAFE!
"Team CFSI does not solicit or accept monetary donations. If anyone is committing such activities in the name of CFSI please be aware it is fraudulently. Please report any such activity to a CFSI Officer or Director." 
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