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Our CUSTOM WATER BOTTLE WRAPS are designed JUST FOR YOU! You select your color, layout, pic etc. And at no charge. Not sure what you want? Check out our samples. Our wraps are WATER RESISTANT and come with a FULL ADHESIVE BACKING to make application simple and effortless! Find out more at Sarah's Website!

About TeenSafe

TeenSafe developed the world’s first iPhone monitoring solution that works without modifying your child’s phone, allowing parents to monitor their children’s text messages, location, web browsing history, contacts and call logs. TeenSafe also provides monitoring for Android devices, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp activity. Parents who use the service can see the information on a secure web portal accessible on the Teensafe.com website. More than 250,000 parents have signed up for TeenSafe since its inception and that number dramatically grows each month. The TeenSafe mobile monitoring technology is highly sophisticated allowing customers to choose whether their child is aware their phone is being monitored. As the pioneer in this category, TeenSafe was the first to develop iPhone monitoring without the need to “jail-break” an iPhone.
TeenSafe was founded in 2011 and is based in Costa Mesa, Calif.TeenSafe has also created a parental advice blog called Teenology.com which gives tips, guidelines, personal testimonials and support to help parents of teens in today’s technology-filled world.

  TrapCall unmasks the Caller ID of blocked and restricted numbers, blacklists harassing callers, and can even record your incoming calls. There is no software to install, and it works on any mobile phone. Find out more at their

Company overview: Ping4 Inc. is an innovative software communications company utilizing the latest in push notification technology. The ping4alerts! app enables the delivery of real-time, location-based, multimedia alerts to any iOS or Android device. Alert publishers can send crucial, time-sensitive information with text, pictures, audio, links and maps, including extreme weather events and fast-moving, dangerous situations. There is no downside. All information is anonymous and user information is never shared.  Help us get the word out. Help us save lives. For more information, go to www.ping4.com.  

Consumer messaging Ping4alerts! can deliver any combination of picture, video, audio files, website links or 180 characters- twice what government text alerts can deliver. Protect yourself and your loved ones by downloading ping4alerts! today . Visit www.ping4.com today or just search for "ping4" in your app store. Join the ping4 revolution. For safety. For piece of mind. For family. For life.

Disclaimer: "Sponsors provide services and discounts that assist cases and awareness of the mission. At no time does the Center for Search & Investigations receive any monetary contributions from Sponsors"
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