Coordinator Test

State Coordinator Test
This is a fill in the blank test. Please provide your answers in the space provided on the right.


Date of Birth: *

Date: *

Please specify the state of which you are associated:

Please specify the division of which you are associated:

Please enter your E-Mail address:

Every CFSI State Coordinator will have successfully completed training provided by ___________, and have documented _____________.: *
Coordinator recruitment effort is focused on __________?: *
List the tools provided by the Center for Search & Investigations that assist the State Coordinator with the effort to locate missing children.: *
List the roles and responsibilities of a CFSI State Coordinator.: *
Where would you find the instructions for the transfer of case information?: *
Under what circumstances will a State Coordinator deviate from the instructions in regards to the transfer of case information?: *
Are State Coordinators authorized to communicate directly with law enforcement?: *
What criteria must be met for CFSI to accept a case?: *
Who must prepare and submit a parental intake form?: *
What number and contact information must be included on a parental intake?: *
Where would you find instructions to open a case thread.: *
Please list the organization members that must be included in every case thread.: *
Any additions to case thread must be authorized by whom?: *
List the first three things that must be added into your case thread.: *
Where are first missing posters uploaded at?: *
Who recieves a Facebook Tag with every new Missing Poster?: *
Which is the CFSI Quick Response Division?: *
Who creates recruitment graphics related to last known area?: *
Who facilitates the CFSI Postering and/or neighborhood canvas?: *
CFSI Postering must spiral out from where?: *
Information collected from community must be transferred specific to what?: *
Who prepares the Press Release?: *
List the intervals for Press Releases: *
Which Division of CFSI will a case be moved to if not resolved after a period of nine weeks?: *
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