Family Testimonials

Ed Martin

I want to take a minute to Thank the NOMAD's for their continuous service, dedication and efforts in the aid of locating our daughter Ashley Lewin. She has been found safe as of 09/11/2015. These past years have been extremely rough on family and friends. The aid and constant reaffirming that the search had been kept going all this time helped more than I can express. Reaching out to the community and other organizations has restored some of my faith in humanity. It IS ok to reach out to strangers for help. Sometimes that is the only way for the word to really get out. Sadly 1000's of children go missing every day. If this unfortunate event should happen to you please don't be scared to reach out to every single organization that willingly helps in the aid of finding missing children. Thank You Again.

Ed Martin
Amy Hernandez

So I was asked to share a few words with parents that are going through, a missing child or loved one. I can tell you its the most terrifying, traumatic experience ever. I can also tell you that no matter how hard it gets, how dark your days become, NEVER LOSE YOUR FAITH. And yes your faith will be tested a great deal. But you can NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER LOSE HOPE, ALWAYS PRAY, ALWAYS!!! This is something that can happen to ANYONE of us, NOBODY is excluded. I will also tell you to reach out, there are so many GOOD people left in this world that are willing to help, and yes you will need them. Moral support is very much needed when going through a situation like this. Knowing that you have people on your side that are helping, searching, looking and praying, all that matters more than you think. I will leave you with this, ALWAYS PRAY, KEEP YOUR FAITH STRONG, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER LOSE HOPE. PRAYER IS POWERFULL, GOD IS MORE POWERFULL!! YOU MUST BELIEVE!!! I wish the best for each n everyone that is going through it, I pray your loved one returns/found safe. A special thank you to CFSI Michigan for Missing Children, Laurie J. Travis, Cathey Rhodes ,Chuck Foreman and Cynthia Caron for all your help, support & prayers, I couldn't have made it through without you all. If I can ever help you in a case in my area im a click away!!! Continued prayers.
Amanda Nicole Contreras

My daughter went missing a while back and no matter how many times I felt like i had lost hope
The people from CFSI always were there to pick my spirits back up again. Thank GOD I found my baby & she’s back home again. No matter what a child does in their life we as parents know when something isn’t right. We never give up. It is good to know that there are people out there who are always willing to help when everyone else is not. Thank you CFSI. 
Rina Bale Henderson to CFSI Texas for Missing Children
I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks to all the CFSI team in their efforts in finding my son. Lexie Stephens & her group were amazing, & I could have not found my son without them. I will never forget the support I received & will recommend CFSI to anyone searching for their child. You guys truly are a blessing!!!!!
Rina Bale Henderson
CFSI Texas for Missing Children

I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks to all the CFSI team in their efforts in finding my son. Lexie Stephens & her group were amazing, & I could have not found my son without them. I will never forget the support I received & will recommend CFSI to anyone searching for their child. You guys truly are a blessing!!!!!
Amy Williams

I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you did for me and my family.what you all do i s amazing and I am so grateful that after the 8 longest weeks of my life my daughter was found and is safe.

Robert Hopkins
CFSI Texas Missing Children
Update on our lost baby girl. She is safe, stand down.  Mom called & they have her. I want to thank everyone and fast work Stef. Sleep well now, ok we love you. Let’s take this & learn from it, friends it can happen to anyone of us, This is why we must always help our brother. A BIG thank you to Sheila Taylor & BURN (Bikers Urban Response Needed) team for their anticipated help, thank GOD for her speedy return to her loving family.
Diane Moody Pagel
I want to thank CSFI for their involvement in trying to find Megan Sundberg Janie Love and the rest of the team are very thoughtful and caring people who have helped many family's find their missing children. My family wants to thank you all for everything and keep up the good work
Sarah Gomez
CFSI Ohio for Missing Children 

CFSI was like a angel sent from GOD to me during a frightening time. I felt very alone & helpless. James Lewis Love & Janie Love reached out to me after seeing a page I had created for my son Kyle who had run away. They both were very kind & supportive, I can not thank them enough for all their support & help. This Organization is truly a blessing from GOD.
Shelia Myers Murphy
 CFSI Florida for Missing Children

 Thank you for your unceasing efforts to find my niece, Emily Paul. 

Jami Rudolph 

Thank you CFSI for all your help & support throughout this past wk while we tried to find my baby girl, she has been found & is safe.
Michelle Frost 

I am so overwhelemed with the continued love & support that CFSI Missing & It’s entire organization has given to me & my family before, during & to this day. I feel as if I have gained so much from them & have been welcomed with open arms. I am forever greatful for their hard work, dedication & support not only for my son but for everyone who unfortunately crosses this path in the nightmare of a missing child. Thank you Team CFSI Missing, Nomad, & BURN.
L. Kristi Vater

 CFSI Arizona for Missing Children 

A big thank you to Mindy Weller and CFSI Arizona for Missing Children Volunteers. My son was FOUND SAFE & sound on Monday. Gratitude doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.

I am So Thankful for the support & action Mindy Offered. Including a incredible flyer, and the support & help of the Private Investigator Dee Holmes, and the Surprise Police Department. I praise God for the wonderful blessings of Organizations like yours, who volunteer their time to help missing children come home. Mine was a success story.
May all others be the same. God bless you

Sandy Price-West

December 16, 2013

 Hello Rich, It's been a couple days since Kristina came home and we are doing good. She actually had some laughs today and we've had several much needed discussions. Although her time missing was minimal to alot, it was the longest 24 hours of my life for sure. I will never forget standing out in that 28 degree weather  at 3am wondering how she could last all night. You have my sincere and everlasting appreciation and gratitude for offering your assistance when it seemed not much was being done to find her.

I want the friends of facebook 2 know that Chelsey has been found because of EVERYONE'S help & determination. Yes I did start MY facebook page up as well as the group "SEARCHING 4 CHELSEY HOPE VAUGHN" & the page "The Search Continues 4 Chelsey Hope Vaughn" & I have searched day & night since June 1st 4 my daughter with no rest. Lost & scared 2 death thinking the worst. Although, with that said we still couldn't have found her without each & every one of u that have set day showin & day out posting, re-posting, sharing & discussing your thoughts & concerns as well as your support & I Thank You ALL from the bottom of my heart.... THANK YOU!!

Now with that said, we need another angle 2 help with a very different situation. They won't let us see our babygirl yet & I am very hurt & confused because someone has gotten her mind corrupted, twisted & shaped into someone other than my babygirl! It's as if it's a dream.... She is making some very serious allegations against me & her mother as well as her brother, from what we have been told.
As everyone that knows us & as everyone can see thru all the pictures & post of our worries & fears as we pleaded for our babygirls safe return home & the love we carry 4 her, We are not bad people! So i am asking from everyone 2 please say an extra prayer that God send us 1 last angle 2 lift this cold dark cloud from over my babygirls heart & remove all evil that has been embedded into her head & her life so that we can finish what we set out 2 do & thats bringing my babygirl home.

Although if the ties darkness that has her bound can not be broken, I will continue 2 stand & hold my head high loving my babygirl as a true father should always do, never turning there back nor their love on their child. So if anyone should have 2 question this.. all they should need 2 do is look at all thats been done 2 bring her home safe... look at all the pictures of her smiling face and how happy she is & read all of our posts of pleas as we begged for her safe return home!!

-Again Thank You Sincerely 
Babygirls Daddy,

Asya Adana

September 18, 2013

I am writing this as a thank you from the bottom of my heart. Words almost seem ridiculously inadequate.

In our darkest hour, in the middle of a nightmare no family should ever face, when our young son, who was still in middle school, disappeared, and we had nowhere to turn for help, we were immeasurably blessed to find CFSI. After searching in vain for our son virtually alone without much police support at all, we were referred to your organization. Our son had been missing at this point going on 3 months and we were heartbroken and desperate. Immediately after contacting CFSI the team at CFSI sprung into action.

They assembled a team led by the fantastic beyond compare Denise Savastano with the wonderful Lynn Wasmuth from the Nomad division together assisting and began at once to search for our son. Honestly from the very first night on we could see how truly dedicated and tenacious they were.

I felt immediate hope and relief that we were not alone, and that our son could be found (we were struggling to stay hopeful as the grim weeks turned to months). Denise quickly assembled a team with the core field investigators, the most incredible people - private investigators Jeff Kaplan and Sandy Woodall-Jacobson, along with Denise worked night and day, and on some weeks following leads around the clock, literally for days turning into nights, losing sleep, yet searching into the wee hours of the morning, to find our son and bring him home.

I spoke to Denise every single day of this investigation. She functioned as team captain, counselor, shoulder to cry on, and consummate professional investigator. Everyone on the team was unbelievably kind and dedicated to bringing our son home. Just as we were nearing 5 months with our son still gone CFSI found him (he was alive and ok) and we were able to bring home. Now I must say, I am not sure without CFSI if we would have been able to locate him, and I cannot bear to imagine what could have happened to him, especially if much more time had passed. If we had traveled the United States and then hired the best team available, I do not believe we would have had a better team at the ready to locate our son.

The fact that CFSI do all this as volunteers is astounding. Our family was truly blessed beyond compare to be so fortunate to have them help us in navigating the worst nightmare any of us can imagine. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I will always be thankful to CFSI and Nomad. With greatest appreciation,

Asya Adana and the entire Adana Family

June 30, 2013

   Richard & CFSI, I am still in shock that there is people/organizations like you guys. I remember when you called me a few weeks ago to offer me your services for free after you found the case  , although  I was hopeful,  I was very skeptical of it being to good to be true.  As I had talked to dozens of people / agency's already . That was quickly proven to not be the case.   Hours   after talking to you and getting a small amount of initial info to you , CFSI began to find leads with there PI's and bounty hunters  that law enforcement had not , or at least had not shared.

Then Internet postings, flyers , demand for media attention , a written press release ect. These  early actions were exactly what determined the location my daughter was near. Then the canvass of the area and posting fliers brought more clues. I couldn't believe that you had Volunteers that drove from near Kansas to St.louis and organized a very effective poster party,  even helped with there own children posting flyers and knocking on doors in area to search for more clues,  all while this was also going on in several city's in GA .

CFSI had PI's pulling surveillance in different city's following even false leads as well as real leads to leave no stone unturned . I want to personally thank you Richard for updates a couple times a day and answering every call I made ( and there was a lot) at any hour of the day. I want to thank you for keeping me positive and motivated in this 51 days of hell I had. You guys are truly a blessing. I believe had this not went exactly the way it did my daughter would not be alive.

 She was in a very dangerous situation with very dangerous people with nothing to loose.  It took one good person seeing your flyer to tip us off and lead us to her rescue. Thank you so much CFSI , I have my little  girl ( Savannah Baker ) back safe and sound.


June 20, 2013

 I am the mother of Megan Ornelas and her father and I want to Thank Sandy, Marian and the BURN unit for their support, help and prayers without this organization, God and all our friends and family. Megan could have been lost to us forever. Also, a special thank you to Sandy for the constant follow up with me even when I was at my lowest she was there with that extra push for me. 

Nina Neighmond

Thank you so much - what a great group you have. Thank goodness Abby and Tom where found safe. can't thank you enough for the great job that you do.


  August 13, 2013

 Thank you CFSI Georgia for Missing Children, Shawna Hutcheson, & David Yancey. Thank you Tim Taylor & Jim Bohan from Georgia Fugitive Recovery Task force. My daughter, Taylor had been missing for a week.
 The police refused to look for her because she was a runaway. As the minutes turned into days, I was loosing hope of ever seeing Taylor again.
On the 7th day I met Shawna Hutcheson.  Shawna and her team of angels changed our lives forever. Taylor was found 6 hours after the search for her started. The journey did not end there. They have all been in contact with me and my family since. 
You never plan for something like this to happen but when it does it’s a blessing to have people like them in your corner with kind words and advice. I am so grateful these people came into my life. I would not have my daughter back today if not for them. You all are awesome! May God continue to bless you!

 Thank you again Georgia Fugitive Recovery
Task Force & CFSI Georgia for Missing Children!


July 6, 2013

 Dear Team CFSI, I just want to express my gratitude for the way you handled my daughter Hailee’s Missing Case. From the first contact you were all exceptional. What you are all doing is amazing and I really appreciate each and every one of you. A special shout out to Marki, Denise and Marri! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!!! Bleu

July 2, 2013
My son Joseph was missing for ten days. For about half that time he slept in parks and fields because he couldn't stay with friends. While he was missing I circulated flyers, and looked for him on my own, but felt like I was going no where. CFSI found me about a week after he went missing.

Tiffany Cluff, our private investigator was eager to bring him home. She started asking questions about his last known where abouts even before I had filled out the parent intake forms. I was hesitant, I had already had people try to either get private information from me for scam purposes or try to hide a billed service behind a non for profit; but I did my research and decided that was not the case with CFSI.

I filled out the CFSI intake and received a call not too long after from Nicole to go over the parent intake form and let me know they were making a flyer and also let me know that the people at CFSI were there for me day or night. The next time I logged into facebook Marki was there to reassure me and support me. I texted and spoke with our private investigator, Tiffany Clupp a few times over the weekend, and met her Monday morning at Joseph's high school. We talked to the office staff, went through the year book together and had the office staff make a few calls on our behalf (because of privacy laws they could not give us the information).

We checked the park across the street, and immediately got 2 call backs from the calls we had the office staff make. The information gained from those calls was great! If I had been on my own I would not had been able to do anything further; however Tiffany had more resources, and we were able to gain further information from there. Tiffany was amazing, she went with me through out the day as we followed leads further and further. She had her own story and reasons why she volunteered for CFSI. It was really nice to have her support, and have someone to lean on rather than doing this on my own. We parted ways around lunch time with plans to check the skate park that Joseph had been seen at numerous times throughout the day, and keep in contact when either of us did check.

About an hour later a call came in from someone we had spoken to earlier that day that they had seen Joseph walking towards the skate park. I called the police, and then texted the information to Tiffany. Tiffany was in the area, and able to head to the area for me, and make sure Joseph was Found Safe. She was our angel that day.

I am so grateful for CFSI. Every time I sit down to write this tears come to my eyes. Words will never be able to fully express my gratitude for the men and women who volunteer for CFSI. Each and every one of them is so very dear and important.

June 20, 2013

  Thank you CFSI , Sandra DeNardis,Angela Angela Mendola Rosario, Marc Moon Mullins, Burn & Waya Spirit Riding Group - National Chapter. With out any of you and My Coworkers and Boss Angela Rodocker Van Nortwick , Angela Loynd ..... I am so greatful to all of you to have you in my life and help me thru this! Thank you all so very much and you can count on me to volunteer anytime you need me!

I will certainly pay it forward! Without any of you I would have been running in circles and hopeless... Words can not express how thankful I am to each and everyone of you! I must admit she is not my lil girl and it breaks my heart the hate and anger she has towards me & her sisters!

I am facing a tough decision to give her up to some program who can help her with her issues and I least I know she will be safe! And I assure you I love her with all my heart but I can not afford for her to run again and get hurt or end up dead! No parent should have to go thru this! I am so thankful to all of you! God

Bless all of you! And @Waya Spirit Riding Group! You Guys are AWSOME! I am so coming out to spend sometime with you guys!


May 28, 2013
I discovered my daughter had gone missing at 9AM on a Saturday morning. She had left as soon as we all went to bed the night before. We instantly started searching for her on our own. We had only a few leads that first day and were feeling as if we were at the end of our means. The police were not getting anywhere at that point either.

 A friend of mine sent me a link to CFSI and called me to fill it out immediately. I filled the intake form out and hit submit. Within minutes Jeremy Dillon called me. He explained what CFSI was all about and had my case started right then.

A few minutes later Brenda Paradise called me to get more information and the flyers were done before we got off the phone. Social media was flooded with flyers and I printed some and passed them around town. Virtually everyone in the state saw these flyers on facebook and were on the lookout.

Tips came in to the investigator within 12 hours. Jeremy and Brenda were with me every step of the way. They really cared about this child being found. We did find my daughter late Sunday afternoon.

I am so thankful for CFSI for giving me the tools I needed to locate my daughter and bring her home safely. CFSI does this service out of the kindness of there hearts. They are passionate about their cause and don't take a dime to save lives!


June 5, 2013

  Our daughter ran away on Wednesday May 22, 2013. After filing the police report we just didn't know what else to do, and we just felt lost. We did some flyers, call friends, went and checked places, anything that could lead us to our daughter, but did not have much success. We had to wait for the detective who our case was assigned to in order to proceed with missing person investigation by the Police Department. We were not able to talk to the detective until the following Tuesday, May 28th (6 days after). Sadly, after we talked to the detective, we realized that we were not going to get a lot of help from the police department, because I learned that day that "Runaway" is not consider a crime, and what they could do was very limited. When we need to talk to the detective, we had to leave a message hoping she would call us back the same day. Every day that passed by made us feel more worried, more desperate and more scared, and we actually felt like we had not made any progress.A friend got us in contact with CFSI on Friday May 31st, I received my first call from them around 5 pm. They emailed me the form I needed to sign. I sent them a picture of my daughter and from that point on, they stayed in touch with me constantly, trying to get information or asking things I didn't even think about. We met in person on Saturday June 1st with our CFSI coordinator. The coordinator  set up a plan of action, got in contact with the private investigator, helped us do new flyers, and made us feel hope, something I never felt with the police dept. (sorry). The next day (Sunday) we got support from other volunteers on posting flyers, talking to people, etc. We didn't feel alone in this. They were available any day and time. When I had any new information they would follow up on it and kept us informed of everything. On Monday June 3rd, we were alerted by someone to where our daughter was. I immediately call our coordinator and she met us close by the location. We called the police, (which it took forever for them to show up) and our coordinator helped us handle the situation. As soon as we made sure my daughter was fine, she gave me a hug and said "My job is Done" and disappeared just like "Batman" after he had saved someone. I realized CFSI did in 3 days what the P.D. didn't do in 13 days, but not just that, they also got involved with us. I felt like they really understood our situation and cared about our daughter as if they knew her. I don't think we could have found our daughter if it wasn't for CFSI and all the volunteers who invested their time and effort for us, and that, has no price.


May 22, 2013

I'm so thankful for going forward with CFSI. It was 4:00am when I contacted Teressa and she was more than willing to get started right away. As a parent of a missing child it was a feeling of comfort to know someone was going to help. The police were just not moving fast enough. CFSI got things together and within hours the first poster was out and stations were being in place to start the search. I'm one of the lucky parents who had a happy ending. My daughter was found and safe. I thank all people involved from the time I made the first call. This organization goes above and beyond on a time when parents really need them. I'm blessed to be able to have my daughter. I will continue to pray for all families who are still looking and the ones who were not so lucky. Thank you once again to all who were involved. 


May 6, 2013
My name is Valerie Williams. I am a mom who was crying out for help and couldn't get the proper help as the police were no help. Channel 7 was the only one who took interest in my story, not channel 5, 9, 11 or 12. I appreciate channel 7 & Susan the reporter. What occurred to me was to look up my daughter's past story that was still online. That is where I saw that reporter Shelly Hale who did that story. I contacted her and she told me I would be contacted by two other persons which were the photographer, and Cindy Smith. She was the Coordinator for CFSI New Jersey.  After talking to her I found it was the best conversation I ever had! She was going to help find my daughter!  She even brought in extra help via Elizabeth Rincon, Private Investigator working with a forensic specialist. They helped as well. Each time I heard her voice, she had more and more good ideas and she didn't care when you called her, or how much you called her. That meant a lot to me. She is serious about her job. I'm writing this testimonial to all the mothers with a missing child. Contact CFSI New Jersey and speak with Cindy Smith. They do excellent posters for the missing, and excellent posters when they are found. They have a lot of connections all over the state like bikers, truckers, and the likes who provide tips. They have a lot of supporters and that goes a long way.  



April 13, 2013

 My daughter, Thelma, ran away from home on March 8, 2013.  Upon finding her open window, I immediately called 911 and filed a runaway complaint.  I checked in with the police department every day, but it seemed as if they just were not doing much to help.  I began feeling helpless and depressed.  One day, while I was on Facebook, Teressa Bee made contact with me.  She told me that she was part of the CFSI for missing children organization.  She put me in contact with the Georgia coordinator, Shawna Hutcheson.  Within minutes of speaking with Shawna over the phone, she had already constructed a flier and had it going all over Facebook.  Within a few days, we had over 1000 likes and shares.  Shawna also had put a private investigator on my daughter’s case within the first couple of hours of talking with me.  This investigator is a very humble and self-sacrificing lady who operates her own agency.  Two days later, my daughter was recovered by the FBI due to Robin Martinelli’s efforts.  I think that CFSI is a wonderful organization who helps out many families that do not have the knowledge or financial background to be able to afford these services.  My special thanks go out to both Shawna, Robin, and the entire volunteer team of Georgia CFSI.  My daughter is now in a specialized treatment facility for victims of child exploitation.  Without the efforts of everyone in Georgia CFSI, I do not know that my daughter would have been located so quickly!  This is why I have volunteered my services through this organization!  Even if I do not qualify to become an active, registered volunteer, I will always support this organization and continue to help reach these children and their families.  Thank you to all of CFSI and their volunteer Private Investigators!!!


March 30, 2013
My daughter Gabby went missing in the middle of Marchin Kentucky. I'll never forget what Teressa Bee (Embry), Naomi Emerson, and the whole Team CFSI did for my family & I during one of the scariest times in my life as a mother. Teressa Bee (Embry) contacted me and let me know what Team CFSI was willing to do to help me bring my daughter home. She got right on things like she said and before I knew it my daughters missing poster had been shared over 5,000 times and people from all over Kentucky was coming together to help me find my daughter. On the morning of March 23 my long stress worried week come to a end. Do to someone seeing my daughter’s poster and calling the Private Investigator I was able to go and pick my daughter up. Gabby’s worker thought she’d have to take her to detention initially until she could be returned to FCH, because of the runaway warrant. In the end though, after spending a few hrs there, they allowed her to come home until she could be picked up yesterday and transported back, which was so great that we got to spend some time together. But regardless of anything, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your help and just wanted you to know. Much love & blessings.


March 1, 2013

We the family of Darci Hollan would like to thank you all for the help in finding her.  The law acted like it was nothing when a 15 year went missing here in Booneville, KY.  I worked myself sick trying to find someone to help me and then I met Teressa Bee (Embry) online, and she asked what kind of help I needed. That’s when she took over and did everything she could to get Darci’s information out there for people to see.  Darci is safe now and we thank CFSI Kentucky for Missing Children.  Thank you all so much and God bless.


February 6, 2013

On September 15, 2012 my 15 yr old daughter ran away and upon finding her note I dialed 911. The county sheriff was dispatched; they simply took a report and circled the area. The following day I was contacted by a member of CFSI, they heard my child was missing, they reached out to me. I was thrilled, finally someone was listening. They understood that just because she left on her own free will she may have not been staying gone under her own free will. Within hours of speaking with CFSI, my daughter had a poster and it was being shared everywhere. I had the support and people to talk to; CFSI cared while it seemed law enforcement didn't. They understood that my child was in danger, provided me with the guidance to deal with difficult law enforcement and based off of the medication my child required instructed me as to how to get her enlisted as endangered. This was my worst nightmare; I was scared, confused and felt as though nobody cared until CFSI got involved. CFSI provided my family with a private investigator that worked the leads and I do not think my daughter would have been FOUND SAFE as quickly without the assistance and hard work of their volunteers. The flyers scared the people that were with my child and she was located on September 15, 2012.I had to call a member of CFSI to have my daughter picked up as still to this point law enforcement would not listen to me. After my daughter was found safe CFSI remained in contact and assisted me with anything I needed to keep her safe and in my home. I would like to thank each and every one of you a thousand times over, you made my nightmare survivable. I appreciate everything you did for us and that's how CFSI ensured my child was found safe! 


January 26, 2013

 I have finally come to terms with what has happened to our family.  I would like to leave a testimonial in hopes that it may help another family.  Chuck Foreman is our knight in shining armor!


January 23, 2013

 I would like to say thanks to Team CFSI for all of their help and support in handling my missing daughters case. The team started working our case yesterday and thanks to all the work in getting my daughters story out she came home today. I will be forever indebted to Team CFSI. Also because I now know how it feels to be a parent of a missing child I also plan to volunteer my support to Team CFSI, if they should ever need my help...... ONCE again I would like to say thanks to Chuck Foreman, Teressa Bee (Embry)  and the rest of  Team CFSI they did a great job!

Jessyca Burgin

November 10, 2013

My nephew went missing on Halloween. On Saturday I was contacted by CFSI and they were busy getting leads immediately! Not only were they there to help find my missing nephew they were there to help me know what to do. Without their support I would have been lost! So grateful for all their help!!!


December 13, 2012
How do I begin? My experience with this organization was incredible. Out of all the phone conversations I had with everyone in an attempt to locate my daughter, these were the most sincere I had out of all. Richard was able to calmly deal with me, and was very empathetic. Looking back, you can tell that he had been there before. He was always there, around the clock for me. And he reminded me often that his phone was always on, should I need anything! That meant the world, because not everyone was awake all hours of the night like I was worrying to death! He began my intake pretty late at night, just so that he could begin work on it first thing the next morning. And as promised, everything began to roll after that!! Other members of the team, would comment positively or words of encouragement on my posts when I was frustrated or angry. The overall experience was uplifting and one that I will never forget! It has truly inspired me to "pay it forward'. I want you all to know that even though we only worked together a short time, that you all are truly a BLESSING to me and my Whitney. I feel like a higher power sent you to me, as I needed that calming voice on the other end of the phone, I needed to know there was someone there that knew what I was going through. Thank you for all that you were preparing to do for my daughter. I will never forget. Please feel free to contact me anytime if anything should arise in my area that I can assist your team with!!


July 22, 2012
I wanted to write a testimonial of sorts for Chuck Foreman and the CFSI team but I'm not sure that will do justice to my feelings of gratitude for this team. Instead, I will highlight my experience. I was contacted within 24 hours of reporting Alexis missing and had immediate love and support surrounding me. I was told it was going to be ok and Alexis WOULD be found. The positive energy that came from Chuck and Julie throughout this ordeal helped me to get through many days of wondering where my child was. The endless hours and phone calls from Chuck and Julie showed me they were working on my case and I never once felt like I was "one of many". Although Alexis is home safe, Chuck will be a permanent fixture in my life as we move to another chapter and begin to pay it forward. Thank you Chuck and team!!! Anyone would be lucky to have you in their corner!



June 22, 2012

On Friday May 18, 2012 my 17 year old daughter Jax Whittington skipped school and left Austin with her 17 year old boyfriend.  While it was reported to local police immediately, the two were initially considered voluntary runaways. After reporting her missing to every agency and state I could think of and posted it all over Facebook, I continued to contact businesses & shelters who might post her missing poster.  When we learned that her car had broken down the very same day she left, and that she had vanished from the side of the highway in rural West Texas, a friend put me in touch with Chuck Foreman.  I had money to spend on a private investigator but Chuck and his team will NOT accept payment to find a missing child.  Chuck and his team went into action searching their last known area, coordinated with multiple law enforcement agencies, and blitzed the towns and cities surrounding where the car was abandoned and even got us coverage on the Lubbock NBC affiliate!  Chuck stayed in contact with me every day until we got a break – by way of tracking cell phone use.  Exactly one month to the day, my daughter & her boyfriend were found & brought home safely.  Chuck doesn’t just search for missing children – he supports, guides, advises, and listens to the families left behind.  I will always be grateful to Chuck and his team. Although I hope I won’t need them again professionally for a missing child case, I will always & forever consider them friends.



 April 14, 2012

 My name is Richard Mayer and my 14yr old daughter Samantha Duran is a victim of a 19yr old man who snatched her from family property in the early hours of January the 24th 2012. Samantha had been missing for period of two months and as of March 22, 2012 local law enforcement was still yet to apprehend Samantha or her abductor and in all honesty didn't have any credible leads, witnesses or general idea of their whereabouts. Chuck Foreman and CSFI started their investigation into Samantha's where about's on March 23, 2012 and in a matter of days accumulated more information than local law enforcement has collected over a period of two months. I thought this was incredible simply because I reside in East Tennessee and Chuck resides in Texas. In the early part of March another teenage girl went missing from East Tennessee and the circumstances were remarkably similar as she resides in the same area and was also abducted by a 19yr old male. Chuck was informed and after researching that case he was able to validate that they were connected and both females along with the males were in Texas. Chuck had performed several welfare checks on several residences in the early part of April and on April 10th 2012 Chuck was able to locate Kelsey Barrett and also located her abductor the following morning. A couple days were passed and my daughter Samantha Duran and her abductor were taken into custody as well. I cannot say enough about Chuck Foreman and CSFI as they are a remarkable group and I may never have found my daughter or her abductor without his services. This group is professional and very thorough, I highly recommend their services. This group will forever have a special place in the hearts of Samantha's family.



 December 10, 2011

October the 24th 2011, we thought was going to be another normal day when we were getting our children up for school. Tristen, our 15 year old daughter is usually up by 5:30 getting ready but was not up, yet.  I knocked on the door several times but she did not answer so I called for my husband Donald to break open the door because it was locked from the inside. When he got the door open, she was not in her room but the T.V. was on, the lights were out, and the window was open. I immediately went to the phone and called 911. It took about 45 minutes to an hour for the Liberty County Sheriff office to arrive and take a report. We were constantly calling the Sheriff’s office to find out about updates and new information. If we had any information we were calling trying to give it to the Sheriff’s Department. The next day my son Ricky sent out a text to every contact in his cell phone asking for help to find his sister and they in turn forwarded the text to all of their friends and then a private investigator named Chuck Foreman contacted Ricky and told us to call him because he helps locate missing children and was willing to help us. Until we called him, we felt completely helpless and alone and did not know what to do. When he took our case, it was as if his team literally took our hand and walked us through step by step instructions so that we felt like someone was finally on our side. They actually cared about finding our daughter.  The first step was to give Chuck all the information about her friends and any phone numbers we may have. The next thing was to contact several organizations that he works with while searching for these children. We contacted The Center for Missing and Exploited children, The Laura Recovery Center, and Team Adam.  Chuck and Julie and the rest of the team were wonderful and worked on the case day and night until Tristen was found and brought home. They never gave up on finding her and we never gave up on them. Tristen is home with us safe and sound thanks to Chuck and his team for never giving up and telling us to never lose faith. Thank you very much to you and your team for everything you did in finding my daughter. We know we would not have her back if it were not for you and your team working so hard. Chuck this is Tristen Gallaspy, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your hard work in finding me. Even though I wasn’t here to realize everything but, it made a difference on me. Every single thing you did helped me get closer to home. I appreciate you staying up for long hours in search of me. You’re going to make a million families happy, bringing all the children home that need to be there.  All this made me really realize I should not have even left but, it helped me realize also that I am loved by many. I’m glad you didn’t quit. Thank you so much. I now do see that I have people here that need me in there life. Every hour you stayed looking for me helped my family with hope. There are not that many people that would do whatever it takes to bring back families like you do. You walked in and cared like we were your own. You are going to make a lot of people smile again. I do appreciate everything once again. Good luck to all your future things you do to bring families back together.


May 7, 2013

Thank you for your kind words and serious efforts in the search for my daughter. As I'm sure you know, Evie was found safe late last night. She is starting her road to recovery. She has lost her way but with the grace of God and the love of her family, friends and community she will find it again. Your work in finding lost children is most inspirational. If ever I can assist you in your efforts, be sure to let me know. People like you are a testament to the light that is still alive and well in our great nation.


May 1, 2013

I do not even know how to express my gratitude to you and your organization right now. Thank you so much for helping find Kaiden and being there for us 100%. I am very interested in what your organization does, and if you need any help I would LOVE to help in any way that I can.


May 2, 2013

My daughter Charlene, went missing on February 15th 2013. She left our home at 6:00 p.m. that evening and she was gone for 8 days. She had been a troubled teen, but we were concerned for her safety, so we immediately called the police when she disappeared. The police took our report and listed her as a runaway then seemed to leave it at that. They had the attitude that she would just come home when she was ready. She went missing on a Friday, so naturally no one wanted to disrupt their weekend to find my daughter. I, however, knowing she could very easily be hurt or worse was devastated and filled with worry. We didn't know what to do to find her or where to start. You always believe that in a time of need that law enforcement will swoop in and save the day, just like they do television. However, for us that wasn't the case. Then there were suddenly angels that appeared to get us through the next 8 days and then some. Shawna Hutcheson contacted me via Facebook and offered the services of her organization CFSI. She immediately went into action, creating flyers, posting flyers, talking us through every step of the way and putting us in touch with an amazing private investigator Robin Martinelli. We felt as if this two women were on a never ending crusade to find our daughter. They would stay on the phone with us at all hours to help ease any burden or worry that they possibly could. They are truly an amazing organization and these two women in particular, are heaven sent at the worst possible moment in a parent's life. Robin Martinelli and Shawna Hutcheson finally brought our daughter home after the worst 8 days of my life. In the aftermath of her disappearance Robin and Shawna have continued to check in on us from time to time, and we think of them as not only hero's but also as family. Thank you so much to Shawna, Robin and CFSI, we could have never made it through this without you. I hope that no other parent will ever need you as we did, but if they do, they couldn't be better hands.


April 10, 2013

When my 17 year old sister went missing April 4th, 2013 I had no idea where to start. My mind was in circles. After trying to act on my own and do my own investigation and only dealing with local law enforcement, I felt the situation was more out of control than I could handle. Something bigger had to take place. After being contacted by Teressa Bee and reading about what the CFSI was about, only then did I feel there may be hope. I never really knew this sort of organization existed to just offer help to people like me. I was blown away by the courtesy and kindness I was given (Thank You Teressa for being there every moment). You do not find people every day in this sort of situation where they are willing to give their time and efforts just because they want to help. The CFSI team was amazing and started working right away to help me. They went an extra mile and beyond! I have two little ones at home, 8 months and 3 years, so going out and trying to find someone can almost be impossible without help. Teressa and the team took over and it was amazing! The same day fliers were posted and information started pouring out, my sister turned herself in that night. The local police officer picked her up, and before taking her straight to the detention center, he stopped at my house to see if I wanted to see her first. Thank each and every one of you from CFSI for serving your time to help find missing children. It is always bad when someone comes up missing, feels even worse when it hits close to home, but all together devastating when it happens to you. I firstly and greatly thank God that He seen to it that these people help me and I thank God everyone that helped listens to His call in time of need. I appreciate all the help I was given. Keep doing what you guys do because it works! God Bless!


March 15, 2013

 My daughter Isabella Rojas went missing on January 19, 2013. She was 16 years old and it was my worst possible nightmare. I called the police and filed a missing persons report. I live in Las Vegas, NV and they receive missing person reports every day. Runaways are often at the bottom of the list for the police to investigate. I contacted several different agencies that helped me make flyers. I located CFSI on Facebook and sent them a message requesting their help. I received a message on February 16, 2013 from Richard Mayer, offering me the assistance of CFSI in bringing my daughter home. I had no idea that an organization like CFSI existed. They provided me with a private investigator and started their process of getting Bella’s story to the media. On February 19, 2013, my daughter Isabella came home! I am so grateful to CFSI for bringing home my daughter!


February 27, 2013

the bottom dropped out of my world. My 17 year old daughter went missing. I did what I thought I was supposed to do and reported her missing. After one week I still had not heard anything from the police so I phoned the officer who took the missing persons report, he said "She's not home yet? I thought we'd have this resolved by now." I was devastated, hurt and very confused. Marki Davis contacted me and told me she thought she could help. I do not know what I would have done without this woman. When I wanted to give up, she would not let me. She used her own personal time to go door to door to businesses in an area where my daughter had been sighted several times. She hung posters in that area which is about 140 miles away from where we live. Marki and CFSI kept the word out about my missing daughter. So many rumors were spread to try and get us to quit looking for my daughter. On February 9th someone who knew my daughter was still missing, due to the posters still being distributed, phoned in a tip, and my daughter was found safe! Marki is now a forever friend. She continues to show support and love for me and my family. I will forever be grateful to her and the CFSI Utah Team. 


January 29, 2013

 I wanted to recognize you and your volunteers for the time, dedication, and effort in searching for our daughter Haylie White.  Haylie means the world to us, our family, and friends.  We wanted to thank you personally for helping bring our daughter home.  You had said a day or two before Haylie was found that you had leads and needed your B.U.R.N. unit to search in North Carolina and Florida.  You were right on target!  The exact location you mentioned is where she was found.  Jimmy and I are so grateful for everything you have done.  We now would like to be a part of your team to help find other missing and exploited children.  Thank you for finding our daughter unharmed.  You and your team are the best!


January 24, 2013

My daughter ran away from the Odyssey House in New Orleans. She was transferred there from Children's Hospital in New Orleans for behavioral problems. Within 24 hours I was contacted by Jeremy Dillon and Johnny Kerr to explain CFSI. I was amazed; I didn't know any organization like this existed. I immediately started sending pictures and getting her story together. Within an hour, a Missing Poster had been created and shared all over Facebook. Although my daughter was still missing I was crying tears of joy - there was someone out there who wanted to help me find my daughter and they were pulling out all their resources including a Private Investigator to help me find my daughter. I promised Jeremy I would join as a volunteer so I could help other parents who were going through everything I had to go through. I ended up being one of the lucky parents - my Allie Kat was found Saturday, January 26th!!!


December 28, 2012

 On November 22, 2012 my 15 year old daughter Mariah Castillo ran away from home.  Although I thought she would be home the next day, I also was extremely worried just as any concerned parent.  I was not able to reach her by phone and she had not contacted me.  I was referred to CFSI Texas and IMMEDIATELY they were so eager to assist in any way they could.  They produced a missing flier in a matter of minutes and posted it all over the internet.  Every parents fear is that their child goes missing, but thankfully Mariah was returned home safely on November 28, 2012.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help and ideas on how to locate my daughter.  I can’t thank you enough!  It meant the world to me knowing there are people that I have never met in my life, but come together as y'all did in my time of need!  THANK YOU once again.  I will forever be grateful for people like you!    


November 25, 2012

 My daughter Caelie went missing on October 4, 2012.  This seemed at first as a runaway situation because she was with another girl from the neighborhood and there was a note left to the girl’s mother.  I had a feeling there was more to the situation, and boy was I right.  I did all the things you would expect a father to do in a situation such as this.  I asked lots of questions went to the police, the school, news channels, put out flyers, but still had very little luck.  I received a tip that the girls might be in Nashville TN, so I traveled there with my friend to look for the girls.  I was disgusted with the police and everything they couldn't do.  In a desperate effort I contacted Nashville youth services division and got the same runaround.  It was a true blessing that I went to that office although, because that’s where I got my first real help from Team CFSI.  They always let me know right from the beginning that I was not alone in this situation and that they would never stop looking for my daughter.  The professionalism and comfort that was transmitted from this team of true heroes was what got me through, and ultimately got my daughter home safe.  Team CFSI were always available to me and my family for support and excellent investigative team members.  They cracked the case by the use of social media by the construction of a brilliant, heartbreaking video that convinced my daughter’s captors to release her.  The pressure and tactics of Team CFSI as well as a lot of help from friends brought my baby home.  I am forever loyal and indebted to the entire Team CFSI. 


April 14, 2012

My name is Ben Cross and I live in Sevierville, TN. On 4/1/12 my daughter Kelsey Barrett went missing from our home in middle of the night, a parent’s worst fear!! With little or no help from local Sheriff's Department we were frustrated and didn’t know where to turn. That is when a man whom we had never met and still haven’t met contacted me. His words to me were that I see your daughter is missing along with another girl from same area & would like to help. He proceeded to tell me who he was and said that he had contacted the other family and was going to help them to find their daughter. And he wanted to know if he could help us as well. I agreed and this is what happened: Chuck Foreman took our cases and worked them day and night, calling us personally with what his next lead was and what those leads produced. Chuck and his team were on it fast!! Well our result was we have our daughter Kelsey back. When Chuck called me Tuesday night and said we have your daughter my heart fell she was 1,000 miles away and we had no clue where she was!! God bless you Chuck and your team, a real heaven sent Hero in my family's eyes! We have our Kelsey back and have a forever welcome in our home and hearts for Chuck for putting our family back together again!!! He does what he says and gets RESULTS. Thank you CFSI.



December 11, 2011

On Sharon's 15th birthday August 26, 2011 came to me a gentleman by the name of Chuck Foreman, he explained who he was an offered his services to me free of charge in helping to find my daughter, Sharon West. Chuck was not scheduled to come out to meet me until October 1, 2011 yet, when I informed him of the case and Sharon's disappearance, he then decided to come out right away, on August 28, 2011. I met with Chuck Foreman personally. From this time on Chuck did not sleep, he spent his every waking hour he had on finding Sharon, along with talking to all those involved in her disappearance. The authorities hung to the story that Sharon was a runaway, but Chuck did NOT believe she was and he was correct. For the next few months Chuck never gave up on finding Sharon. He helped organize a community search; he did local media interviews to raise attention for Sharon's disappearance, and showed us how to get national attention as well. The search for Sharon has finally ended, under NOT so pleasurable circumstances, Sharon was found, but NOT before Chuck had to fight the local authorities due to their uncooperative ways. Chuck Foreman has done wonderfully for my Daughter, Sharon West; we believe Sharon sent him to us as her gift on her birthday. If at any time to have someone missing or know someone whom does, I would highly recommend Chuck Foreman be the one you call!! Thank You So Much Chuck Foreman for having a heart and showing it to us all. Good luck in all your future cases.



 October 16, 2011

 Hi my name is Tonita Anderson and on September 26, 2011 my daughter Caitlin became an endangered runaway. My husband and I contacted our local Police Dept. to report her missing.  They did not want to help us locate her because she had run away 2 weeks before. So they classified her as a habitual runaway. So we were left to do the foot work of finding her ourselves. We posted flyers all around town and on Facebook. We got numerous leads but none panned out.  Then a Private Investigator named Chuck Foreman contacted us to help us locate our daughter.  What Chuck did for us was he tried to get the police to work with him but they refused to. He made contact with Caitlin’s friends and got leads from her friends. Then he called out the police on how they handled the case. So the same day Chuck contacted our local police department they decided to get off their rear ends and do their jobs and help really look for her, which by the way she was already had been missing almost 4 or 5 days. Chuck gave us information to numerous agencies nationally to get her photo out there so people could keep their eyes out for her. Also he told us we needed to contact our local news stations to get our plea for help out to the public. On the 8th day she was found. This case is supposedly still being investigated by our local police. We are still waiting on information pertaining to what happened to our child while she was missing those 8 days. I truly believe if Chuck Foreman didn't come into the picture with his services my child would still be out there and would have never have been found. So I want to say Thank You to Chuck Foreman and also I highly recommend him to anyone that has a missing child out there.



December 20, 2009

 My teenage daughter had been missing for over 7 months; I had been unable to have any contact with her. I was aware of who my daughter's companion was, a 35 year male. Not only is he twice my daughter's age, he is a career criminal, and also a manufacturer of methamphetamine. After several failed attempts in seeking the help of local law enforcement, I was left feeling helpless. My teenage daughter was being manipulated and controlled by a person and a drug. On December 17, 2009 my daughter made the newspaper after being arrested (and released by local law enforcement) at the same location of what appears to have been a meth lab explosion. It was at that time if I decided to save my daughter's life I would have to seek another source. I hired Private Investigator Chuck Foreman on that very day. He arrived in my hometown the next day and made contact with this monster's mother the same day he arrived. By the following evening he had made contact with my daughter. Through his eagerness to return my daughter back to me he was able to actually attain this man's cell phone number and speak to my daughter. Due to Investigator Foreman's aggressive actions and knowledge he was able to persuade this man to return my daughter to me and have no further contact with my daughter. To you Mr. Foreman, I can never thank you enough for helping save my daughter. Now we will have the opportunity to get her the help and treatment she desperately needs.

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