Jr. CFSI Test


CFSI Jr. P.I. Test

Please fill out the following questions to the best of
your ability based upon the previous page of information that has been
given to you for all of your future guidelines.
Thanks and Good Luck,
 Chuck Foreman
 Founder and CEO CFSI



What is the first item of information you will need to gather once you see a missing pet poster?:

A: What kind of pet
B: What day the animal went missing
C: The phone number of the owner


What is your next step once you have owners permission to help find a missing pet?:

A: Ask the owner for pictures of their pet for your poster
B: Begin to draw pictures of the pet that is missing
C: Go searching around the neighborhood to find the missing pet


Where will you find the template to create a missing pet flyer?:

A: You make your own
B: On Facebook
C: cfsimissing.com


Whose permission do you need before you can start to help find a missing pet?:

A: The President
B: Santa Clause
C: Your Parents


Where do you post the flyers of a missing pet?:

A: Facebook
B: At grocery store, local businesses and librairies
C: In the area the pet went missing
D: All of the above


What is all the information you will need to be on your missing pet flyer?:

A: Age, breed, gender, date, time, where/how the pet went missing,
    owner contact name and number
B: If the sun was shining the day the pet went missing
C: The kind of food the pet ate


Who are other people we suggest that you ask for help when searching for a missing pet?:

A: A Police Man
B: Your Friends and Family
C: A stranger


What is the required age group to be a member of The Jr. PI division?:

A: 5-15
B: 20-40
C: 7-17


What forms of Social Media are suggested when posting/sharing your missing posters?:

A: Club Penguin
B: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
C: Gaia


How often should you contact the owner of a missing pet?:

A: Every hour
B: Once a month
C: Once a day or if the owner needs you more than that

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