We Can Help Find Your Lost 

Dog's & Cat's!!

Welcome to our Junior division of The Center for Search & Investigations. Where the youth of our nation is stepping up and dedicating their time and efforts to rescuing your missing Dog or Cat. While we do find your missing companion, we at JR CFSI are driven by the need to instill a deep desire and dedication in our children for serving in our communities.  We are teaching them empathy and responsibility all while building their self-image in a positive direction that will surely blossom with their involvement both with rescuing your beloved pet and in their community. 

 The Junior Team consists of Junior Advocates ages 7 to 17 years old.  Don't let the word Junior mislead you, our trained and certified Junior team of investigators will begin their search & rescue mission as soon as you submit the missing pet intake form below.  Each Junior Advocate will be accompanied by an adult that has also undergone the same certifications to ensure the safety of our team as well as the quality of care that your loved one will be receiving during the recovery.

How do we help?
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-By putting posters on Social Media. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

-By blitzing your area with posters, as well as handing them out to local animal shelters, veterinary clinics, and other different businesses.

-By searching and spreading the information about your missing pet.

*Team work is the best way to get a successful outcome! Get your family and all your friends to work together to help find your missing pet's home.

Where to start?

*Gather as much information as possible. Age, breed, gender, date, time, where and how your lost pet went missing. You also need to get the owner's name and phone number.
 *Get lots of Photos! Our loving companions have as many facial expressions as we do.

*When you have all the information necessary please email it to
Christine Starr at  Christine.cfsi.ca@gmail.com

The best part of joining our team is you meet amazing people, make new friends, and make a difference in a sweet pet and owner's life!


All Future Junior CFSI volunteers must recieve a passing grade on the
"CFSI Jr. Investigator Test" with parental supervision in order to be a future Junior CFSI Investigator!. This is to insure that all child/parent teams are aware of all rules & guidelines present to coordinate a structured investigation within the guidelines of the organization.

Click here to take the test

Junior CFSI Enrollment Form

 Please fill out the following form in order to enroll into the Junior CFSI Program.
Please keep in mind you must be between the
ages of 7 and 17, and have a parent or guardian to consent in the submittal of this form.
 Parents will be contacted to provide consent prior to acceptance of
any Junior Volunteer into the Junior PI program.

Name of Parent or Gurdian consenting of Submission:


Number of Parent or Gurdian consenting  Submission:


Name Of Child Submitting Application:






Parent or Child E-Mail Address:


Parent or Child Facebook Link:



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