You Can Help Find Lost 

Dogs & Cats!!

Welcome to our Junior Division of The Center for Search & Investigations, where the youth of our nation is stepping up and dedicating their time and efforts to rescuing missing dogs and cats. While we do find the families missing pet companion, we at JR CFSI are driven by the need to instill a deep desire and dedication in our children for serving in our communities.  We are teaching them empathy and responsibility, all while building their self-image in a positive direction that will surely blossom with their involvement both with rescuing these beloved pets and in their community. 

 The Junior Team consists of Junior Advocates ages 7 to 17 years old, but don't let the word Junior mislead you!  Our trained and certified Junior team of investigators will begin their search & rescue mission as soon as they begin a missing pet intake.  Each Junior Advocate will be accompanied by an adult to ensure the safety of our team and to help promote the Junior Advocates growth in the community!

How do we help?

We start by conducting an interview with loved ones of the missing pet, this includes collecting any pictures and identifying information.

Next, we will create missing flyers and post them on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

 Along with social media, we will be hanging flyers all over your immediate area and making sure the local animal shelters, veterinary clinics and pet stores get a copy to post as well.

Finally, we will engage in a physical search of your immediate
area to attempt to locate the missing loved one as quickly as possible as well as to follow up on any and all leads that w
e may receive.

Junior CFSI Enrollment Form

 Please fill out the following form in order to enroll into the Junior CFSI Program.
Please keep in mind you must be between the
ages of 7 and 17, and have a parent or guardian to consent in the submittal of this form.
 Parents will be contacted to provide consent prior to acceptance of
any Junior Volunteer into the Junior PI program.

Name of Parent or Gurdian consenting of Submission:


Number of Parent or Gurdian consenting  Submission:


Name Of Child Submitting Application:






Parent or Child E-Mail Address:


Parent or Child Facebook Link:



The is truly one of the most rewarding experiences for both children and their parents/guardians.  The best part about joining our team here at The Junior Center for Search & Investigations is meeting amazing people, making new friends, and making a difference in the life of a sweet pet and their owner!  
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