National Director  - Teressa Bee
National Assistant - Christopher Cousins


NOMAD is the “Not Found Yet” Division of Team CFSI.

In the event that a child has not been located by the nine week mark of  a CFSI investigation the case gets referred to the NOMAD Division to expand the reach of the search nationally and to provide ongoing support to the family of the missing child.

When NOMAD takes a case they have a wide variety of “tools in the toolbox” that can be provided as resources to the case. At this time these include but aren’t limited to; K9 and Equine search teams, custom water bottle wraps displaying the missing child’s flyer information, “rolling billboards” – large vinyl flyers displayed on the back of 18 wheelers, National media contacts, a large fax database of truck stops to distribute the flyer via fax and the ability to send a mobile alert to cell phones Nationwide that are signed up for alerts via our sponsor.

NOMAD continually looks for additional resources and ways to increase the exposure of a missing child’s information with a constant focus on getting to “Found Safe”.

The NOMAD Division has a National Director and Regional Coordinators.  Regional Coordinators will have completed ALS or Crisis Management training, NOMAD policy and procedure training and will work hand in hand with all CFSI Divisions, State Coordinators and Professional Investigators under the supervision of the National Director.

NOMAD Regional Coordinator Responsibilities

*Make contact with the family and maintain contact regularly to provide support and case updates.

*Creates a new poster for the missing child using the provided NOMAD flyer template.

*Work to build relationships with truck stop managers in the region to increase the number of stops that display flyers when brought in person or via fax.

*Recruit volunteer K9 and Equine search teams for the region.

*Prepare CNN ireports for active NOMAD cases in the region using provided template for upload by National Director.

*Prepare media releases using provided template for active NOMAD cases in the region for release to all provided media sources.

*Recruit long haul owner/operator and corporate trucking companies based out of the region to display provided vinyl missing child flyers.

*Work with the State CFSI Team, family and National Director to implement available NOMAD tools appropriate to active NOMAD cases in the region.

*Use provided tools to get  the missing child’s  flyer to truck stops, bus stations, taxi drivers/companies, train stations etc..

Team CFSI never gives up.  Volunteering with the NOMAD division allows the opportunity to continue working towards Found Safe while making sure the family of a missing child knows they have support and are not forgotten.

Whether you are a K9 Handler, Equine Searcher, Truck Driver, have a service you believe may help in getting the word out when a child is missing or are interested in being a Regional Coordinator we can never have too many volunteers.  Join us below!

 A conviction within the last 5 years of a Class A Misdemeanor or above for any of the offenses listed below will disqualify the volunteer from involvement in any role that receives case information that is accessible by Tier 3 and up Leadership. 1. Arson, damage to property 2. Assault 3. Bribery 4. Burglary and criminal trespass 5. Criminal Homicide 6. Disorderly Conduct 7. Fraud 8. Kidnapping 9. Obstructing governmental operation 10. Perjury 11. Robbery 12. Sexual offense 13. Theft


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