Officers and Directors


       Founder - Chuck Foreman

 Founder Chuck Foreman served approximately 10 years in the U.S. Army with  an emphasis in special operations. Following this he spent several years coaching football. He brought  a wide range of skill sets to the creation & building of the Organization - precise decision making, objectivity,  strong leadership, problem solving and vision. This is reflected in the effectiveness of the CFSI program. Mr. Foreman served the Organization from inception as CEO and during that time nearly 900 children were Found Safe, more than 3,000 volunteers were united in the mission and more than 80,000 were added to the network. The Organization has grown tremendously and great leaders were created. This has allowed Mr. Foreman to hand off the reigns, allowing today's leaders to handle day to day operations while he focuses on growth and taking it to the next level. Being Founder of something this great is for a lifetime and requires a lifetime commitment. Mr. Foreman continues to live up to this commitment daily. He remains actively involved in leading the Organization - providing guidance, daily communication with other Organization heads, attending speaking engagements, working with Sponsors and more. Through what he has created, the others he has empowered and a drive like no other the world continues to become a better place for children.

President - Lynn McBride
 Lynn graduated high school at age 15 & was associated with  the real estate industry for 16+ years. Real Estate allowed  her a flexible schedule so she could help in her community  which was always important to her. She  recently retired her  Real Estate license as she found a new passion through the  time spent volunteering with  CFSI for Missing Children.  After moving to Tennessee in 2009 she spent several years trying to find the right volunteer match for her. She started looking into how to help with children and signed up as a NCMEC poster partner, that was about all there was available for a citizen  concerning missing children. Around that time a story was published in the paper about a local child that had disappeared. Then, a second story with circumstances identical and the Father's of those children were now working together. Shortly after she saw "Found Safe". The girls were located, not together, but both many States away. She became an avid CFSI follower and after a number of posted Found Safes knew she had found where she belonged. She has been a part of CFSI for more than two years now and currently serves as Organization President. Lynn says, "I can't imagine my life without all of this as a central part of it....once you get involved it is a life changer."


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