Professional Investigators

C.F.S.I. Professional Investigators:

C.F.S.I.’s Professional Investigators are volunteer Private Investigators and Investigation Agencies that are verified and licensed in their particular state. Investigators in states that do not require licensing must show proof of investigative experience.

The Professional Investigators act as the liaison between C.F.S.I. and Law Enforcement eliminating numerous sources calling in to law enforcement. The investigators role will also be to create awareness with Law Enforcement and bolster credibility. 

Roles and responsibilities:

C.F.S.I’s Professional Investigators will:

  • Gather information
  • Eliminate all erroneous and false information
  • Follow up on leads
  • Do surveillance (as needed)
  • Provide a courtesy call to Law Enforcement when conducting surveillance.
  • Talk to witnesses
  • Establish Location of Interest
  • Establish Persons of Interest
  • Communicate with Parents or Guardian
  • Work Directly with and stay in communication with their State Coordinator
  • Work Directly with and stay in communication with Lead investigator/PI Coordinator
  • Report all credible information to Law Enforcement
  • Report all information to C.F.S.I.
  • Adhere to CFSI’s Protocol and System
  • Adhere strictly to state and federal laws and mandates  

Tools Provided

C.F.S.I. Website
C.F.S.I Investigators Group
C.F.S.I. State Facebook Page
Resources from B.U.R.N. Division

Resources from NOMAD Division

Network of Professional Investigators Nationwide
Nationwide Network of Advocates

Meet Our Investigators!!! (Click Here)

Professional Investigator Volunteer Form

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