Who We Are!

The United States Department of Justice reports over 2,100 children go missing each day. The FBI says a third will be victims of Child Trafficking. CFSI, as an organization, wants to change those numbers. When a child is lost or goes missing, CFSI organizes & assembles. It’s a race to see who can get to them first, US or EVIL.

 CFSI is a collaboration of 3 divisions that help locate children that have gone missing: CFSI, B.U.R.N. and NOMAD.


  • CFSI - the investigation division. The investigation team is a network of Professional Investigators and Advocates from around the world. This is the team that facilitates the search and investigation. 
  • Bikers Urban Response Needed (B.U.R.N) - the motorcycle division. The motorcycle team handles the tactical operations for the investigation group and also responds to state-issued Amber Alerts.
  • NOMAD - the “not found yet” division. The NOMAD team provides support to all State divisions when a child is missing and works to expand the reach of an investigation, providing additional resources as needed when an investigation has gone on for 9+ weeks.

 Team CFSI fights endlessly to preserve the innocence that all children deserve throughout the world; NO CHILD should live enslaved, in fear, and alone. Your participation and support of CFSI makes it possible for CFSI to educate the masses, strengthen its numbers and reach children all over the globe. The CFSI mission; what every single Advocate and supporter works for are these two words: FOUND SAFE. CFSI’s involvement in the community has brought children back to their families.

 How many more children in the world can CFSI help get back to their families with your continued support? Chuck Foreman and Advocates from around the world took a stand for what they felt was the right thing to do for our children and CFSI hopes you will do the same.


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