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The Center for Search & Investigations (Team CFSI) assists families and empowers communities in facilitating the search and

 location of missing children worldwide in order to safeguard children from abduction, child trafficking & exploitation.

 Often recommended by law enforcement and other officials, we are the boots on the ground help needed when a child is missing. 

Made up of volunteers from all walks of life, there is a way for everyone to help. 

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Our History


December 20, 2009

Sharon Bunk

“Mr. Foreman, I can never thank you 

enough for helping to save my daughter.”

Sharon requested Chuck Foreman’s help just three days prior to writing that. Her daughter had already been missing for seven months from Leakey, TX. This was to become the first official case of the Center for Search & Investigations (Team CFSI).

Success was found. So was a need. 

Mr. Foreman quickly realized the need was bigger than he alone

 could answer. A few years and several cases later, while working 

the Sharon West case in East Texas, Chuck learned that not all 

cases have a happy ending. 

Sharon was Found an Angel. 

Chuck would be found next to his motorcycle, under a tree near where she was located, writing a program others could use. 

That same base program is used to this day on every CFSI case. 

Now with volunteers spanning the globe and just shy of 2,000 children Found Safe, CFSI is arguably the most successful missing child investigation program available to families. Their reputation for results has resulted in regular referrals and requests for help from Law Enforcement agencies across the country. 

All with no monetary donations. All with no members on payroll. 

All with the help of community members just like you.


Things You Should Know


 The Center for Search & Investigations is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. However, we are unique in that we do not accept financial donations from families or community members, nor do we hold fundraisers. If you look at our Sponsor Partners, they do not donate money but rather, services that directly impact cases.

We do not partner with or recommend other missing child organizations. Over the years we have seen too many scams, too many families hurt and we do not condone charging or accepting donations for finding missing kids. Since our inception, there has been a large number of pop up organizations and we do not have the time to seek out the intentions and policies of each one. 

We assist with missing children ages 11-16. They must have gone missing within the last 90 days and there must be an open missing person report with law enforcement. We have chosen this demographic as we feel it is the most overlooked age group with the least amount of time and resources available. If you come across a family with a missing child meeting this criteria, please send them the link to our Parental Intake Form.

There is a place for everyone to help. 

There are many roles to fill within Team CFSI.  Whether you have five minutes or five hours, can get out in the field or have to stay home, you can help! Limited time? Consider joining the BLAST TEAM. 

It takes only a little time, can be done from anywhere and directly impacts FOUND SAFE over and over again.

We do not use or condone use of the term "runaway".

And we ask you to consider the same.

Once a child is labeled in this way, they are no longer an urgent concern to anyone. At CFSI, all missing children are considered missing & endangered regardless of how they came to be that way.

Meet Our Sponsors

Team CFSI does not solicit or accept monetary donations. If anyone is committing such activities in the name of CFSI please be aware it is fraudulently. Please report any such activity below. 

 CFSI has a STRICT NO-CONTACT policy concerning children. 

All current and future members of CFSI Leadership are subject to a criminal background check.  

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