NOMAD "Not Found Yet"

National Director

Christopher Cousins

In the event that a child has not been located by the nine week mark of  a CFSI investigation the  NOMAD Team is added to expand the reach of the search nationally and to add more tools to the toolbox.

The NOMAD Division is looking for both volunteer Regional Coordinators & truck drivers.

Truck drivers will pick up provided posters of missing children and distribute them all along their routes.

When available, they may display large vinyl poster replicas on their trailers.

Regional Coordinators work with the Director on all aspects of the program related to their region, 

including case and team management. Training is provided. 

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 A conviction within the last 5 years of a Class A Misdemeanor or above for any of the offenses listed below will disqualify the volunteer from involvement in any role that receives case information that is accessible by Tier 3 and up Leadership. 1. Arson, damage to property 2. Assault 3. Bribery 4. Burglary and criminal trespass 5. Criminal Homicide 6. Disorderly Conduct 7. Fraud 8. Kidnapping 9. Obstructing governmental operation 10. Perjury 11. Robbery 12. Sexual offense 13. Theft 

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